Dried Apples

Dried Apples

I have tried dried apples from a well known food store and they always seem something soggy, not properly dry, and not really reconstituted even when soaked.

This year we had loads of apples, and our eaters are on the tart side – think Granny Smiths rather than Golden Delicious.  So I experimented with a cool oven in concentrating their sugar.

We have a range made by Stanley – it’s a cheaper version of an AGA – and it has rails like most cookers.  I measured up some sticks to be the right length – I say sticks as some were dowel, some spare picture framing, extra long banboo skewers (though they bent!), etc You get the idea

Firstly slice your apples thinly – experimentation tells that peeling is counter-beneficial as the rings break easier and dried peel is fine and crispy.  Thread about 3 apples onto each stick and try to spread them about.  Then gently place the sticks onto the rails in your oven.  After the first time I also placed a tray in the bottom of the oven for any juices which run.


All getting cooked in the range

Next put your oven on low – say 80 or 90 degrees. You do this now to save your wrists from accidental burns on the oven. Shut the door and wait about 8 hours before checking.  Some will be crispy – take them off and put the rest in for as long as needed.


Dried apple rings

Jean prefers her’s slightly chewy


Crispy apple rings

I like mine crispy, though not burnt!

Eat like crisps, sprinkle on desserts, use as a post meal tingler. Enjoy