Here at Lower Farm we like to grow our own fruit and veg where possible.  We are nowhere near self-sufficient but home grown food does taste much better.  So here’s a few recipes that we have tried out and enjoyed.



Elderflower is now out and a good crop this year, so I’ve uploaded a couple of recipes onto the blog  – Elderflower cordial; Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam.  Cooking in the evening is actually a nice relief from the heat of the day.

Rhubarb and Lovage

Easter is of course traditionally a time for lamb on Sunday, but often it seems a bit greasy.  Combining fresh  rhubarb from the garden  with lovage gave a lovely complement.  There are lots of herbs dotted around the grounds and we encourage guests to use them for cooking.  Rhubarb & Lovage Sauce


Lots of fruit recipes coming soon!



Dried Apples

If you have an excess of apples here’s a really nice way to get them eaten – and even into store if you can stop people nibbling as they come out of the oven!  Dried Apple Recipe


Tomato and Apple Soup

We eat lots of soup, and this gives a subtle blend of flavours balancing spice and sweetness.


You can garnish with chopped dill, basil or herb of your choice.

Slow cooked venison

I did a sweep through the freezer and came up with some venison from Hignetts (great butchers) and some cooking bacon from a well known supermarket. Add in some pumpkin, swede, onions, then deglaze the pan with red wine, add a handful of tomatoes, bit of chilly chutney, half a jar of Whitecurant Jelly, Oxo cube and some water and wait for about 8 hours in the slow cooker.

After couple of hours everything was bubbling away and the slow cooker runneth over.  So I put it on a plastic tray and carried on.  Decided it needed a bit more tang, so picked Oregano and Rosemary from the herb garden and threw that in.

So nice to have all these ingredients on hand 🙂
It smells ok at the moment!  In fact I have to report that it also tasted fantastic and the meat just melted



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