Rhubarb and Lovage

Rhubarb and Lovage  Sauce

Easter is of course traditionally a time for lamb on Sunday, but often it seems a bit greasy.  So to provide a bit of acidity the newly sprouting rhubarb in the garden seemed  a logical extension, especially combining it with lovage which is grown in a pot near to the cottage (along with various other herbs).

Take an onion, peel, chop and lightly saute in olive oil.  Take 300 g of rhubarb and chop into 3-4cm slices.  Sweat with the onion and add any of the stem of the lovage if you want a slightly more enhanced taste.

Add 4 tbsp wine vinegar, 2tbsp of sugar (Or I used some old maple syrup), plus a sprinkle of 5 spice.  Cook until it becomes soft, then add the chopped leaves from about half a dozen stems of lovage.  Cook slightly and then serve.  Can be an additional veg or as a sauce