Malcolm Saville was a respected children’s writer who holidayed around the Long Mynd during the late 1930s.  When war meant his family needed to be evacuated from London they moved to this lovely part of the world.  Whilst the stories were based around the area, the actual positioning of places owes something to artistic licence.  However the Malcolm Saville Society have a composite map (below) plus here are some of the maps from the individual books.

SavilleMapThe Lone Pine books are the best-known of Malcolm Saville’s stories. They start in wartime Shropshire where a group of children become friends and uncover a group of enemy spies. As the series progresses, more children join the group and the action moves to different parts of England including Sussex, Dartmoor, Norfolk, Yorkshire and London. Although the war ends and time moves on, the children only get a couple of years older during the 35 years spanned by these stories.

Mystery at Witchend

The first of Malcolm Saville’s books. The Mortons are evacuated to Shropshire during World War II. They explore the area, make new friends and form the Lone Pine Club. Mysterious strangers, kidnappings and explosives are all part of this gripping tale.


Mystery at Witchend Map

Wings over Witchend

The twins return to Witchend for Christmas but nothing seems quite right. They are soon helping the foresters protect their trees from a gang of thieves.

Wings Over Witchend Map

Wings Over Witchend Map

Mystery Mine

The Lone Piners head for the North Yorkshire Moors where Harriet’s grandfather is thinking of buying an antiques shop. The old abandoned mineshaft on the property is attracting a lot of interest. The Lone Piners find out why.


Mystery Mine Map

Man with Three Fingers

After Tom and his lorry-driving friend get hijacked, the Lone Piners get drawn into a mystery. After Tom gets kidnapped by the gang it is up to the Lone Piners to find and rescue him, exposing the gang. This story was expressly written to satisfy a demand for a story about Tom and Jenny

Man with three Fingers Map

Man with three Fingers Map


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