Tomato and Apple Soup

Tomato and Apple Soup

We eat lots of soup, and with a load of windfalls plus excess late production coming through in the greenhouse I looked online and found the basis for this recipe.  We have a couple of sorts of large tomatoes – Rio Grande and Brandy Wine – which came from a Cat Protection stall at Church Stretton Music Day.  We like the smaller cherry tomatoes for salads so we tend to cook with the big ones. And these are really flavoursome.  And with recent winds we have a load of windfall cooking apples.


1 Onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic

2lb Tomatoes, sliced

1lb cooking apples (the sort that go fluffy) Peeled, cored and roughly sliced

2 Chilli peppers

1 Pint water

Bunch of Dill (I initially used basil but it’s too subtle)

Fry the onion in the oil until it is transparent, then add everything else.  Season with pepper to taste – you probably won’t need salt as the apples give sufficient tang.  Allow to cool slightly then whizz with a blending stick.


You can garnish with chopped dill, basil or herb of your choice.